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Stephen Curry has done it again. He has won his second MVP award in two years.
He becomes the first unanimous MVP winner after leading the Golden State Warriors to the greatest regular season of all time. Only two other professional athletes in the four major North American sports leagues have been named unanimous MVPs: Tom Brady and Wayne Gretzky.
Curry finished with all of the 131 first place votes ahead of second place Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James. Steph Curry comes off a historic season in which he not only led the Dubs to the regular season win record, but also led the league in scoring, three-pointers made - NBA record 402 - free throw percentage, and steals.
But apparently not everyone is impressed with Curry winning the honor for the second straight year.
Former NBA player Tracy McGrady said the league is “watered down,” in response to Curry being named the MVP. Is it watered down? It’s not like the era McGrady played in was stellar either. Take a look at the rosters of the 2003 and 2004 NBA All-Star games - the years that McGrady won the scoring title. Go ahead, I’ll wait.
Another outspoken critic of the Warriors and the state of the league came to McGrady’s defense. Charles Barkley agreed and took it a step further and said “The NBA is the worst I’ve ever seen it.”
Maybe they’re right and it is watered down and boring. Or maybe the Warriors and a handful of other teams are just that good.
All I know is that Steph Curry played out of his mind this year and the Warriors keep rolling through the playoffs. Watered down or not, they’re quickly becoming one of it not the best NBA team that’s ever played.
Yeap. Steph Curry is on the road to becoming the GOAT.
My main man right there. Are you a Warriors fan too?
glad to see such an underrated player become great like this.