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If You Give A Mouse A Cookie...

Yeah, you thought you outsmarted a rat, but those fools outlived the plague and trained mutant turtles in the way of the ninja.

Am I weird for thinking rats are kind of cute?
@nicocoup Ya it's pretty amusing once I understood it haha
@danidee rats are frigging adorable. I'm going to get one one day and he'll have an amazing name, depending on his coat color.
i knew a rat once...he was always chewing stuff, smelled like bad cheese
@danidee yeah definitely
Rats are kinda cute. Especially when they're babies
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How can kintsugi make you a stronger person?
In life, we all face moments of change and challenge that force us to dig deep and persevere. Often, though, we can see the cracks and the snaps that are etched into our personality as unfixable. On a more material level, when we break something that we love, we often look at the smashed pieces as the end of something special. However, the Japanese art of repair known as Kintsugi might offer you a solution. On both a practical, material level and on a more philosophical level, you can learn a lot from kintsugi. The best thing about kintsugi is that it can give you a really significant change in mindset when it comes to dealing with change. Most of the time, we look to see change as a major negative, and we wish to simply go back to before the change happened. Kintsugi, though, shows us that something can be as good as it was – even better – after a period of change. You might think your vase will never be the same again after it was smashed. By applying kintsugi restorative techniques, though, that vase can take on a whole new personality and style – whilst still doing the same job that it used to! So, kintsugi gives you the ability to build a mental perseverance regarding change. When you learn that something being broken or ‘lost’ does not mean it is lost forever, you can become far more mentally resilient. This can have you also realise a very important life lesson; setbacks can be overcome. Why kintsugi is so important for building mental strength One of the biggest benefits of going for a kintsugi product is that it can give you a chance to understand that problems can be overcome with solutions. You might not be able to apply kintsugi to your life problems, but you can follow the same philosophy. By adjusting to the issue, your problem might result in irreversible change – but as kintsugi shows, sometimes that change can be for the better. And another important part of kintsugi is that it makes you aware that wearing your changes and your challenges in life as a badge of honour can feel very good indeed. If you are used to dealing with a means of trying to cloak and/or hide the challenges that you have faced in life until now, you are not learning to live with your changes. Kintsugi shows us that we can wear our cracks and damage quite literally, and still stand there proud of our own progress and success. The days of simply having to try to hide your life scars are gone. Kintsugi shows you that owning and embracing the challenges that life has thrown at you is a much stronger, healthier way to life, think, and act. Today it might not seem the case, but kintsugi can be a life-changing solution when it comes to helping you become more adaptable to facing up to challenges and adversity as life goes on.