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I love animals, I really do. But possums? They're a little hard to love for me.

*side story you don't need to read*
once when I was younger I looked after my neighbor's cat while they were on vacation. I went to feed the cat dinner and saw a furry creature at the backdoor by the cat's dish (so, safe to assume its the cat!) I was SECONDS from opening the patio door to let it in when I feel something furry brush up against my leg. IT WAS THE CAT...ALREADY INSIDE. I turn on the back porch light and see a MASSIVE EVIL POSSUM hissing back at me. Never again have I been able to love a possum... *thank you for reading my sad tale lol*


This woman finds a possum in her closet and is, understandably, not too happy about that.

She tries to gently drag it back to the backyard to let if free, but its crazy and hissing at her. She's yelling at it and trying to make it chill and leave, but its not having any of that.

Suddenly at 1:50, she has a change of heart.



Suddenly its her life duty to get these possum babies to safety.

She coaxes the possum mom out and guides her through the living room. Once the possum mom gets to safety, its a real celebration.

The human mom deems the possum her "mama from another mama"...basically they're BFFs now.

Does your mom ever go into mom-mode like this? Have you ever found yourself doing this too?!

My mom definitely does...she can hear a crying baby from a mile away and always tries to help lol!
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Opossums are adorable! My gmaw used to have one that would sneak in the house and sleep behind the entertainment center every day!
@AnnieGoodman I think its cute that they play dead, but for some reason they still creep me out hahah the possum babies were adorable though!
@sophiamor yes ma'am, when I was stationed in Ft Stewart, Georgia. I are everything that was legal. Just to say I've eaten that. You'd be surprised at how other animals taste. There's more to life than beef, pork, chicken, and fish.
@JeremyHuston well I'll be honest and say i probably wont try that any time soon but hey, i learned something new today hahahahaha
no matter what was wrong i wanted to help. it was so frustrating but then later when you talked to God a good sort of peace settles over because you know you has done everything you could