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ANNOUCEMENT!! So... Jun only got 1 vote. Hoshi had too many to count. But... Minghao (The8) and Dino didn't get any votes. So.. For another oneshot for next Werk It Wednesdays... I need you to vote between these 2 handsome and talented guys. WARNING: IF YOU DO NOT LISTEN TO SEVENTEEN OR HATE THEM DO NOT BASH OR MAKE A COMMENT!!! Thank You :D
One Sunny Morning, You found yourself sitting by a park bench with a notepad, Sketching the beauties of Mother Nature. The sounds of birds singing, Children Laughing, Made you feel at home. You smiled to hear a familiar voice behind you.
"Hey Beautiful!" Jun compliments as he sits besides you with his charming smile. You blush as you kept on drawing. You felt pain in your wrist which made you grunt. "Aishh..." You groaned. "What's wrong (Y/N)?" He asks. You showed him your wrist. A few reddish-purple bruises start to appear. He kisses them with care as he closes his eyes. "Thank You." You smiled. He stands up as he rises over you stiffly. You look up to see his pretty chocolate brown eyes staring into yours. He lends a hand as he mutters, "Princess.." You chuckled as you took his hand and stood besides him. You wrapped your arm around his as you would look at the floor, Smiling like an idiot. He sighs as he stops moving. "Something wrong?" You asked him. He nods a no. You felt empty, As if he was hiding something. You kept the feelings to yourself as he took away your notepad. You eyed his every move as he gave you a nose kiss. You smiled as he looks into your eyes. That look on his face was just life. "I have been meaning to.. tell you something..." He stuttered. You hummed in concern. He pulls you into his arms as you felt the temperature rise in your love atomsphere. He says "..........
CLIFFHANGER!!!! This only part 1! And if you want to read part 2 then tune in next wednesday :D Make sure to check out these amazing people's @EwSeungkwan @ChelseaJay @IsoldaPazo

Yes Oppa... :D

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The8 please!!! Also can you tag me in the next one!!! Seventeen is my UB group!!!
the8 😍😍
JUNHUI PLEASE. I am so excited for this. ALSO MINGHAO HAS MY VOTE.
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