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Might be the worst thing I've ever done but I need either a really emotional anime or an extremely gory anime. Any suggestions?
@FalseLove I'll probably start watching shinki since I'm seeing future diary right now (idk I'm used to watching two at once lol cx) thank you for the suggestions tho and @OtakuDemon10 I have watched tokyo ghoul and Deadman wonderland thank you so I'll probably watch akame ga kill I've heard a lot of good things about it but thank you both very much
another has a umbrella piercing someone's throat you know good times
list of whatever Lupin The Iiird: Jigen Daisuke No Bohyo Harmony: project Itoh Corpes party Parasyte Another Michiko e hatchin Blood-c Samurai champloo To love ru darkness Dragon ball Z Naruto One piece Boondocks Gunsmithcats Elfen lied Attack on titan Strike the blood One punch man Hellsing Spirited away (movie) Children who chased the lost voices (movie) Wicked city (movie) Ponyo (movie) Patema inverted (movie) Angel beats Akame ga kill Vividred operation Bludgeling angel dokoro chan Deathnote Deadman's wonderland Shiki Kantanagatari Mirai nikki Tokyo ghoul Inu x boku ss Osomatsu Afro samurai Cowboy bebop School days Dagashi kashi Watamote Flcl (fooly cooly, furi kuri) Death billards (movie) the end of evangelion (movie) Garden of words (movie) Joukamachi no Dandelion Fairy tale Kill la kill Sword of a stranger Durarara!! Mayoi neko overun Noragami Inuyasha Black bullet Gintama Date a live Seitokia yakuindomo Good luck girl Jitsu watashi wa Zankyou no terror Ghost in a shell Black lagoon Soul eater Myriad colors phantom world Saint young men Nichijou Is this a zombie Punchline Lucky star Noucome Blood lad Highschooldxd Cat planet cuties Gokokoku no brynhildr nourin Domino shinekai yori Monogatari Haganai Sekirei Konosuba Assination classroom Engage to the unidentified GATE Plastic nee-san Anohana Magi Ano natsu de matteru Perfect blue Golden boy Aika r-16 Nge eoe Pycho pass Erika seven: Pocketful of rainbow Trinity seven Sabagebu Ore monogatari Erased D frag Dimension w Kyoukai no katana Kokoro connect Gunbusters Yozakura quartets K project Tamako market Space dandy Dareka no manzashi Charlotte Magi Madoka magical Pupa Owarimonogatari Sekirei Highschool of the dead Classroom crisis Daily lives of high school boys No game no life Kekkaishi Hyouka Musaigen no Phantom world Star driver Bakemonogatari Oban star racer DearS Dangan ronpa Blaze blue Yosuga no Sora The perfect insider Higurashi no naku koro Mononoke Kiznaiver Koutetsujou no kabaneri Berzerk Bokudake ga inai machi Notoge no yome wa onnanoko ja nai omotte ixion saga dt Blood+ The pet girl of sakurasou Shimoneta Mob psycho 100 Neon genesis evangelion
theres corpse party and elfen lied
First thing that comes to mind is Akame Ga Kill!, if you haven't seen it. Hellsing Ultimate is also pretty good and gory, and Deadman Wonderland, though the ending is kinda meh cuz it obviously wasn't supposed to end there. I would have suggested Tokyo Ghoul to fit that bill, but I'd guess by your profile pic you've already seen it
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