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Do you examine the ingredient list before purchasing shampoo or conditioner?

My guess is no. Due to my busy lifestyle I used to pick up shampoo and conditioner from a local grocery store. It's convenient and I didn't want to bother my mom to send them to me through the mail. Biggest mistake ever.
There is a reason why VO5 shampoo is on the less pricey side. It's marketed as clarifying and help removes build-up from hair. After doing some research, some people claimed this the product was even used for removing stains from clothes. That sounds a bit harsh for the hair doesn't it? Well, I learned my lesson.
I started looking into the ingredient list and found ingredients like:
Sulfates - Foaming agent that create a lot of lather and strip off artificial color every time you use it. NOT good for colored hair. Alcohol - Help cleanse but is also a moisture sucker.
Silicone - Create a fake shine to mimic a healthy hair.
Paraben - Help get rid of bacteria but also messes with your hormones.
If you care about your hair, you shouldn't skimp on a good shampoo or conditioner. Don't be fooled by the price. Whether it is expensive or cheap, look at the ingredients!
Also, don't forget to look at the expiration date. If you find a major discount, find out why it's on sale.
This website: shows studies done on many products, and my own shampoo that I use scores a 4 out of 10 (lower being better, higher being worse), giving it a low-end, Moderately hazardous rating. It seems the biggest culprit of my shampoos bad-ish rating is the fact that the fragrance may cause allergic reactions. The shampoo (and conditioner) uses avocado, ginger, coconut, aloe and a few other ingredients for the scent (and beneficial properties), as well as containing keratin (which usually comes from milk and/or meat based protein/amino sources), I could see where the allergy danger may come from! I am curious though. I wonder how much sulfur and the like need to be used in order to see the said side effects. And I wonder how much, in comparison, is in the shampoos that use such ingredients ^>^
@Arellano1052 Thanks for sharing the website. I actually didn't know they have something like this for hair products. I will be using this quite often! Thanks again.