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The next few days flew by. It was time for their comeback. They did a live show for naver and then waited for there song to get release. They were all standing around the computer waiting and then finally it hit midnight it went up and within 4 mins their twitter account blew up. Everyone loves it and had many comments about how good the guys looked. They gave it a little bit of time and then started posting on Twitter. Finally it was time for bed the next few days would be crazy preparing for the concert coming up and promotions. Before they did there Asia tour is where their break falls in. It was only for 2 days. Like everyone thought Fire was a hit. We all fell asleep fast and we're ready for the week to come. When I woke up I had pulled the cd out of its case. A nice perk about working with bts is I got merchandise easier. I gave myself an hour to get ready and during that time I listened to the first cd. I was very excited over the new songs and listened to them first. I fell in love with all of them. One that caught my eye was Save Me. This was the one I hadn't heard yet. As I listened to the song I just felt amazed. I quickly added the cds to my iPod and was ready for the day. Then I went to get everyone else up and ready for the day. Fire was the song I used to wake everyone up. It's beat just gave me so much energy. I literally was giving rude wake ups because I'd start jumping on the bed. I knew that yoongi was th elast one to wake up in his room since i saw Jin and Namjoon walk out when I walked out of Jimin and Hoseoks room. I gotta say when I finally got to Yoongi's room I was gonna do something a little different I was going to say bultaoreune then start rocking out like I had with the others. I quietly snuck into his room he was still sleeping and so I restarted the song on my IPod and waited for the point. Then I jumped on his bed right next to his ear and said it then started jumping on the bed. " the best yet worst way to wake up" He opened his eyes and caught me so I stopped moving the bed. "I'm addicted to this song." I smiled "I'm glad." He sat up. "Honestly how the hell can you be that sexy?" "what?" "Just by saying bultaoreune you drive me nuts....this is why you will never be shaken from being my bias." I smiled "Oh ha I thought you meant how I look now." He laughed messing with his hair. "Well yea you are. I am just super happy to be able to see you everyday. Now get up and get ready today starts our busy week." I jumped off the bed and ran out the room. I started my Playlist over so I could listen to the full album. Yes I already had most songs on my IPod already so it was just the newer versions that were playing as I made my way down the stairs to make breakfast with Jin. After breakfast we headed out. FWD>>>> 2 weeks Finally after the crazy week although it was 2 weeks of things we all got our days off and finally I got to sleep in. I didn't have to worry about the guys schedule and so even when I did get up I just laid there. Around noon there was a knock at my door. "Come in" " long have you been up?" Tae came over and laid next to me. "Um since like 11." "ahh." "What's up tae?" "Well....." "Just spit it out." "I like you" "what?" I was shocked "Haha just kidding." He poked my face. "priceless" He continued to laugh. "Oh tae that was a joke? Thanks for hurting me." I started to fake cry. "I'm sorry." He tried to stop laughing "No I like you....and I thought...." "Wait you like me." He stopped laughing and got serious. "Ha no." I looked at him with a smile on my face and started laughing. "Oh that's it." He started tickling me. "Stop tae please!" I hated being tickled but after a little bit he stopped. we were just laughing trying to catch our breath. "soooo." He sat up and looked at me. "soooo what did you really come in here for?" "I wanted to talk about tonight." "Oh ok." and then for the next few minutes we talked about the plans for the club. The day was spent goofing around and just relaxing. Yoongi had been in his room most of the day and I had to go check on him once to make sure he was still alive. I walked in and he wasn't in bed. I was about to knock on the bathroom door when it opened revealing a half naked Yoongi. I froze. He stopped and looked at me. "(y/n) are you ok" He stepped closer to me and I looked down. His body was so amazing. I hadn't seen his tummy since....what video was it??? I can't even remember. "I......Im....fine." I quickly turned around and looked at the door. "What are you doing?" He asked moving around me and going to his dresser. I covered my eyes. I was going to die if I stared anymore. "um...I came to see if you were alive." I started to walk towards the door. He laughed. "Yea I'm alive." He grabbed my arm and pulled it away from my face. "I'm not going to strip in front of you." He had a smirk on his face. "You basically already did." I tried to pull my hand back to my face. "Hey be glad I decided to put the towel on before I walked out...I wasn't going to but I did for some reason." He pulled me closer to him. I tried to shove him away from me hoping to break away. That was a bad idea. I shoved him onto his bed and he just pulled me down with him. I landed on top of him. "Hmmm. Trying to take advantage of me?" He smirked. My face was already red. I just stared at him. I looked him in the eyes and then looked down at his lips. I wasn't going to be the only one blushing here. I smiled and leaned closer to him. Our lips were just inches apart. "Maybe I'll make you mine right now." He swallowed loudly. I had him. I could also feel something else against me. "Then you won't be able to think of your other girl." I leaned closer about to press my lips to his. "And I'll be stuck in your mind." I glanced at his face it was red alright. I smiled and pressed my lips to his. He kissed back and then I pulled away and jumped off of him. "Hey..." He whined. "Sorry can't help you." I smiled and walked out of the room. Once I shut the door I quickly made my way downstairs. I needed to clear my head. I have no clue why I said those things and did that. I thought I was doing so good at keeping my feelings hidden.
So what do you think is going to happen next? Nothing? Or something? I'll try to update later in the we can see what happens next....keke
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