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Baekhyun layed on your guys bed as you slept doubtlessly next to him. He watched you as your chest rised and fall again as you breathed. He smiled at himself. He looked over at the clock and sighed. It was now 5 in the morning which meant he had to leave you alone once more. He got up and got dressed. Before he left he made sure to write you a cute letter and kiss your forehead. When you had woken up the bed was empty. You couldn't help but frown. It was like this every morning. Sighing, you got up and went to the kitchen. On the counter was a note. You smiled and picked it up. The note read: (Y/N) finally you are awake. Do you know how cute you are when you sleep? You know how much I love you. If not then the answer is to the moon and back. Ok? Good, now that you got that I have a question for you. What is tall goofy and a member of EXO? Can you guess it? No? Well it's... ME! jkjk it's Chanyeol but oh well.. ANYWAYS the real question is do you want to go on a date? If yes then get ready for me to pick you up at 7. If no then wear pajamas all day long and we could just eat at home and then go to bed. -Love, YOUR LOVELY, MOST FAVORITE PERSON EVER/LOVER Byun Baekhyun You smiled and looked at the clock. It was 11 in the morning. You got dressed and got your nails done. 7 finally approached and you stood in front of the door as you waited for Baekhyun. You heard a honk and looked up to see Baekhyun in his car waiting for you. You walked in and smile at him. He looks over at you and gives you a kiss. He then drives the car to a restaurant as you two make small talk. Mostly him complaining about his friends. You two reached the restaurant and got seated. Baekhyun looked at you as you scanned over the menu. He smiled at himself. He put his chin in his hand as he lanes into his arm, staring at you while doing so. You looked up from the menu and saw him staring at you. Your cheeks turned red as you looked at the ground. The waitress came and got your orders while surprisingly flirting with you. You were shocked at her flirting with you, you thought that she would flirt with Baekhyun. You smiled as the waitress left. Baekhyun had steam going out of his ears as he glares at the waitress. "Guess I'm just that sexy" "But your mine" "I know. But I'm just saying I can get anyone and I chose you" Baekhyun smiled at himself. Maybe just maybe He won't regret what he would do in the next few days He proposed to you 2 days later. You smiled at your self as you remember that date. Byun Baekhyun was your husband. Thanks to him you had 4 lovely children. You had a 17 year old, 14 year old twins, and a 9 year old. Nothing could make you happier then to have him standing by you, instead of laying in the ground 6 feet below you. BYUN BAEKHYUN 5-6-1992 to 4-8-2029 You let tears fall while you smiled. Your 9 year old son hugged your side and let tears fall also. "Dad is safer up there. Ok?" Your son only nodded. "I got a question" You ask "Who is tall, goofy and a member of EXO?" You look upwords as your son backs up to give you a questioning look. "The answer is My love" *END*
Sorry if it's not good. This whole weekend I have been running on about 5 hours of sleep in total so that might be why the story may seem bad.