Similar Appearances.
Dawon from Neoz School D.O.B. July 1995
Jimin D.O.B October 1995
You all have to admit these two look similar... kekeke... i dont know what it is but I just fangirl at the thought.. I think they could be some long lost relative.... cousins.... long lost brothers I don't know.....something thats for sure.. Your thoughts on these two? ☺
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IVE BEEN SAYING THAT SINCE NEOZ's WEB DRAMA!! THEY LOOK SO ALIKE but if you put them side by side, it doesn't work as much
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haha. I'm with you on that... at first I was Jimin?!. lol but I can see a total difference now.... I think I like Dawon a little more then Jimin don't get me wrong but Dawon gives me this feeling idk.... πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆπŸ˜Ά
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