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We all heard of the term game changing hair but this phrase becomes a reality for Fernanda Ly, the Aussie model who took the runway by storm. For the past couple of months you probably heard of her story and seen her in a couple of magazines. In short, Fernanda was scouted on the street by her pink hair and and exquisites style. She was in the last year of high school when she was offered a runway gig with Louis Vuitton. That one show became the stepping stone to her career in the fashion industry.
Everyone was talking about her hair and her rise to stardom became an inspiration for teenagers in the Asian American community. The girls were requesting the "Fernanda Pink Hair" at salons and some even tried to color their own hair.
In the interview, Fernanda shared her secret of how she maintain the pastel pink. For care and maintenance, she uses Redken's All Soft Shampoo, daily conditioner and hydrating mask. For hair dye, she uses Manic Panic's Cotton Candy Pink. She stated, "was bright at first, but has naturally faded into a seafoam variation of the shade. To maintain the color she washes her hair every 3 days.

And that's the story of how a hair color transformed someone's life. It's inspiring, unique and refreshing.

Check out the gallery below for Fernanda's pink hair and style inspiration.
LOL! Conservative parents rarely change, ah well love them anyway
@Cle1 My mom used to be super strict with my sister's hair. She wanted to keep them long and straight. My hair was a different story because she used it to practice for her cosmetologist license lol. Anyways, after my sister went to college she was let them cut and color their hair. They do change but it takes a while but they'll always say things like'll damage your hair...etc. haha parents will always be parents.
Hey @cardboardart do it anyway!!! There are a million things you could get in trouble for, pink hair is the least of them #befree #YOLO #youcanalwaysdyeitback
She could cosplay as a really good Lightning from Final Fantasy.... I want this color now but I can't because parents.....
@donnaescropolo I don't really have an answer for that because you never know what will happen in life!
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