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Written by Erin Nicole. Starring: Y/N, Kim Namjoon. Genre: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Teen Romance. (Warning) Rude insulting Language. No cursing, but Contains Insults you would find in an adult movie, and Mentions of Sex, nothing Vile though.

Chapter 1: The Rumor.

It started on a regular day. It was just like any day, another boring Monday, but there was something about this day that was a little different than the others. Our school had announced on Friday during class that a new student was going to start attending. As My mind kept trying to imagine what this person is like. "Who is this Person? What are they like?" My thoughts Raced. I Grab my book bag and head out the door. I arrive at school. I was never really known as 'Miss Popular ' Well, on this particular day As I walk down hall, the other Girls are whispering in each other's ears about me. I hear High Heels Walking behind me. "Well, well, well." Said the voice behind me. I turn around to see who it is, and there stands Brook. Brook is our School's so called 'Sweetheart' she puts on a Mask when Teachers are around, She's Fake! Everything about her is Fake. She's the school's perfect little Barbie that can do no wrong, and gets all the guys. "Look who it is, it's the little Whore." She said to me. "What are you talking about?" I asked. "I heard you slept with David." She Said. David is Brook's Boyfriend. He's just as evil as she is. "No I didn't!" I Said back defensively. "Well, How do you explain this!?" She asked as she pulled out a picture of us in bed together with a caption at the bottom of the picture that says 'Whore'. "YOU SLUT! YOU SLEPT WITH MY BOYFRIEND! She screamed while Shoving me."That's not me!" I cried. "The evidence is all here." She Said. "I Never Slept with David!" I screamed. "You can't prove that you didn't sleep with him." She Screamed. The School bell rings. "Well, it's time to get to class. You and me are not done!" She warned while Stomping away. I walk into the class to find the flyers with the picture all over the room. I see the other students Gossiping about me. The teacher walks in. "Okay class, Please Take your seats!" He shouted. I take my seat, and the other students Move away from me. "Well students, We have a new student with us today." My teacher announced. A very handsome Boy walks in Wearing sunglasses. "Class, this is Namjoon Kim." He announced. "Namjoon, please take off those sunglasses during class". The Teacher Ordered. Namjoon takes off his sunglasses, and puts them in his pocket. I look around the room and see Other people making fun of him. "*Cough* LOSER!" Shouted another guy in the classroom. "You stay quiet!" Shouted the Teacher. " Namjoon, please take a seat anywhere you would like." The teacher said. Namjoon looks over at the seat next to me, and starts approaching me. My heart starts racing. He sits down next to me. "Hi, I'm Y/N." I whispered. "Whatsup, I'm Namjoon." He said. I try to look over at him at the corner of my eye, but then he looks over at me, and I Quickly turned my head away. He sees what I did and giggles. "I've heard about you, you're Famous." He said Jokingly. "That was not me!" I shouted defensively. "NO TALKING!" Ordered the Teacher. "I'm sorry." I said. the teacher goes back to writing on the board. Namjoon looks over at me. "We'll talk after class" Namjoon mouths to me. After class, I walk down the hall. As I'm walking down the hall, Flyers of me are Everywhere. I Hear Namjoon's voice behind me. "I know that it wasn't you! He shouts from Behind me. "What do you Want, Namjoon!?" I said Annoyed. I turn around to look at him. "You're not alone in this" he said. "that's alright, I don't need a lawyer to defend my case." I said to him while rolling my eyes. "What's Wrong with you!?" He asked Sternly. I'm just trying to help you!" He shouted. "Why would you ever want to help me!?" I Shouted in his face. "I don't even know you!" I screamed. "Because I see a part of myself when I look at you." Said Namjoon. "You've been bullied your whole life. I know because that is the same look I had for years."He said with concern. "That's how I became this." He whispers under his breath while starting to tear up. He didn't know that I heard him. "Look, I'm just trying to help you because I don't want to see you end up like me." He said with Concern. "But you said you don't need my help, so I won't bother you anymore." He says as he walks away kind of hurt.
I hope you enjoyed chapter 1 of my very first fanfic. Sorry for the cliffhanger. I'm going to post Chapter 2 when it is finished. @Sammie99522 @CrookedShadow @AbbyRamey @KarenGuerra93 @Imagimato1997 @CrystalGuerra
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can I be tagged owo this is awesome!
@mrsjeon sure. πŸ€—πŸ’– and Thank you. I'm glad you like it. 😊
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For the first timer you are very keep on writing ! Tag me for the rest !