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So I recently finally bought the rest of History's albums off of iTunes the other day. As soon as I heard this song (1Century) by Yijeong I was instantly hooked! I love the song, the lyrics, his voice, the fact that he wrote, produced and composed this song is incredible! I love everything about this song! It's so good and so addicting! He's such a talented human being. I love that he's done this for a lot of History's song with help from the others not just for his solo song. Everyone should give this and History a listen, you won't regret it.
Yijeong is my bias for History I think. I recently fell into the fandom lol. What song is this?
@ChaErica Welcome fellow Storia! :D I don't know many people who like History so it's nice to meet fellow Storia's. Yijeong is my bias too haha I fell in love with him and the others back in like late 2014 early 2015 so I'm newer to the fandom too but not that new. Anyways the song is titled 1Century. I love it so much it's one of my favs