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Do we all know this maknae has grown in a wonderful human being. BUT SOME PEOPLE CAN'T OPEN THEIR EYES!! Yes I'm talking to you @Helixx. Wake up and see all that is Jungkook and join me in their curse of the maknae
Lets start off with some sweet innocent chocolate kookie.
How about that amazing smile though! Very cheesy and so ADORABLE!
Let's branch off into his wild side shall we. Jungkook you have become the poster child for memes...just your face and the things you do. Like really?
Let's just ease into the 0 to 100 real slow. No one likes ripping a band aid off. So we just gonna dip our toes in the water.
Thanks guys for the photos. This is just the beginning. Feel free to join in on my parade! @twistedPuppy @Ercurrent @JaiiPanda @Sailynn @Helixx This isn't the end. You better watch out. I'm just getting started.
those muscles😭💗
Haha this is so evil
You're trying so hard aren't you? I love Kookie, you know I do. He's cute and adorable and super goofy, and yes he's blossoming into a fine young man (*gulp* did I just say that?) but you know my heart belongs to Chim.