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At first it was just an innocent love.
Which slowly turned into something more.
I can't control the zero to a hundred feels...
Those hands waving hello...
And knowing he is the strongest memeber... Lord help. What has become of me. @Helixx @twistedPuppy @Ercurrent @JaiiPanda @Sailynn
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@Helixx 📿📿📿📿📿 let us pray
2 years ago·Reply
yup that boy....is crazy amazing
2 years ago·Reply
This sounds like a fanfic... A fanfic I would read the f out of
2 years ago·Reply
@garanoxgrace ill put that into a mental bank. I have to finish the one im already writing and slacking to post because i dont think its very good. but ill remember this
2 years ago·Reply
Oh goodness. I've just continued calling him a baby. It's not really working, honestly.
2 years ago·Reply