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A lot punches were thrown in Texas today.

The two teams (Toronto Blue Jays & Texas Rangers) has had a lot of beef since last year when they faced each other during the playoffs. And the heat came at full speed during yesterday's game. The whole thing started when Jose Bautista was hit by a pitch.

So to get back at the Rangers, Bautista decided to do this.

He went all out during a double play attempt by the Rangers and tried to knock out Rougned Odor. As you can see, Bautista's slide into second could have seriously injured Odor. And Odor was not happy.

So what did Odor do?


I must say this is one of the greatest punches I've seen in baseball history. Odor got Bautista right in the face and I say he deserved it 100%. The slide was deadly and even if Bautista was mad about being hit by a pitch, doesn't give him the right to slide into second like that.
Baseball fans,

Who do you think is to blame here? Bautista or Odor?

I have to was indeed a great punch
@mchlyang lol oh yeah well that too. but yes it is.
@Starbell808 Bad for educational purposes but great for entertainment haha
lol wait a minute I am a fie hard Os fan so I have no love for the blow jays, but if your gonna be dumb enough to stand right over a plate trying to make a double play then thats on his dumbass for getting hurt. The blue jay runner was in the right......but he got knocked the fuck out
both. well to me. Odor should have taken the high road and not done that. but hell that was one hell of a punch. although he got wat he deserves but still damn lmao
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