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In this day and age most teenagers in highschool can be quite stereotypical, this is not as much a misconception as most think. But while most appeal to their own stereotype, the most important thing for them and you to do is retain individuality.
As most movies or television shows let us see, there is quite a few specific stereotypes. Athletes are fast and strong. Cheerleaders are beautiful. Smart people have terrible social skills. Few people do completely follow the boundary lines of their stereotype and never go beyond it.
But a large percentage of those people do strive for diversity and are extended away from the titles society gives them. Athletes can be creative. Cheerleaders can be intelligent. Smart people can be good public speakers. Anyone can be anything so long as they don't allow themselves to be discouraged.
If you are currently or are going to be a high schooler, be yourself. Don't limit who you are or could be because that is what your friends make fun of or certain people don't like. Make the most of what you have while you have it. Highschool doesn't last as long as it seems, all it takes is to linger on a blink. Again, don't allow you to incompletely be who you are. If you don't act like your true self... then who are you?
Thank you to all who have read through this as this is my first card on Vingle!
I always have followed my own path and I guess I'm running into this problem now that I don't know who I am now...I had it under control in high school. Huh, I guess time works in different ways for different people.
I do enjoy this card and wish I would've seen it this way before I graduated. I was a really well known person in my high school, with friends in every clique and grade level. It made it simpler that my high school was brand new and the year that I attended it as a freshman, there were only freshmen and sophomores, so with only 300 kids, we all knew each other! And as a tri-sport athlete who was involved with Yearbook and had previously gone to Elementary school with all these kids and hadn't seen them since 4th grade, it was exciting and fun! But, I was still the shy, quiet kid in the corner most of the time. I was too scared of doing something embarrassing, too nervous to not stay in the "safe zone" of mostly fitting in. There are details from my upbringing that stopped me from certain aspects of being "weird" and outgoing and wild. What I wish kids would realize is that IT DOESN'T MATTER!!! If you're the coolest kid in high school or the weird one out, it doesn't matter once you're an adult! Ask that girl out! Go to the football games! Go to the dances! Wear bright colors! Dye your hair purple! Just go crazy! Participate in pep rally's! Get caught making out with your partner at the back of the school by security! Go forth! Have fun! Enjoy all the freedom and safeties that come with being underage and in high school! Be teachers pet! Befriend the office ladies! Stop in for a chat with the Principal and Vice and the counselors! Talk shit, get into fights, bring flowers to school, wear those tight jeans, wear that faded tee that you've had for 5 years but don't want to throw away! Go to school in your PJ's with messed up hair! During spirit week, go full out, damn it! High school is the time for making memories and regrets and having mostly safe fun. There's no reason not to. Your friends probably won't be in your life in a few years, but the time you do have with them is invaluable. Your maturing and finding yourself as a person in high school is so important! It exposes you to so many things that help you. And there are many, many resources to be used. High school is sooo great. Don't waste the experience. Don't let yourself not do something because it's not popular or you may look like an idiot. Mess up and own it! *takes deep breath* *rant over* hahaha