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In the wake of the Heat winning back-to-back titles, franchises are dealing in hope to put themselves in position to compete with Miami. What has been the best move of the off-season? 1. The Golden State Warriors picking up Andre Iguodala. The experience he brings to the young club, his size and ability to guard the perimeter make it a great move for the Warriors. 2. The Rockets signing a more motivated and engaged Dwight Howard. 3. The Clippers swiping up Doc Rivers. The Clippers are arguably the best team in the West and with the addition of a veteran coach, this could mean good things for the Clippers. 4. A different deal?
The Clippers. No matter how great a team is they need a great coach. Clippers would win a 7 games series over the Rockets due to their pick-up
Rockets by far!
Although I'm a Warriors fan I gotta go with Dwight to the Rockets. They got the big fish this year and now they look like one hell of a scary team!