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So I know it's early into the story but I wanted to put an extra bit in. Think of it as a blooper because it doesn't really have a spot in the story, it was just randomness between Trinity and Arianna.
“Trin who would you stand next to? BTS or exo?” Arianna questioned looking over at Trinity. We were sitting next to each other once again and after the conversation of Bias I was curious considering she loved both groups.
“I would stand by Bts before exo. I love exo but I’m sorry” Trinity said completely serious.
“That’s what I thought” I nodded. Than I laughed. “I like them both too. But I’m going to be standing there in the middle, confuse everyone and support Vin Diesel!” I said in a very uppity attitude. She burst out laughing. “What I so would. And the funny thing is he is the only one I love and it’s not due to his hair” I said making her laugh even hard.
“But he has no hair” she told me. “I don’t think I have ever seen him with hair” she admitted and I nodded.
“No no that’s wrong. I’ve seen him with hair. In that movie Reddick.” I told her.
“That was along time ago” she laughed.
“Not that new one that came out a few years ago” I told her laughing. “You know it’s the reason why I likes Rap Monsta so much. His blonde hair in the picture you showed me. Oh god” I moaned. Yes, I totally did. Trinity laughed at me and I laughed along.
“This is the hairdresser coming out. You love certain hair styles” she pointed out, Which was totally right.
“Thank you for being asleep” Trinity said talking about the boys sitting in front of them.
A few pictures! Rap's hair, is just so amazing!
*Weezing noise* But I'm sorry Vin Diesel! Enough said with that last picture.
If you want to be added let me know and I'll update the list, prolly in each update, maybe add to earlier updates if I'm editing story to fix grammer. 'SMILES'
I never realized how scrawny Rap Mon was compared to Vin Diesel till now XD
@Izzy987. lol right! I hadn't realized that til I saw the pics side by side like that. In all fairness Vin has huge muscles, especially in that picture
omg.....I'm sorry I'm dying here...