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It's been a little while! Whats up? Oh news! Well, which one first? Good? Bad? I'll shoot the bad first.
I'll be a little farther from work and we have no place to call home yet. We currently are in a Motel which gladly does weekly and monthly rates. We are looking and I may move before my mom to find us a place near the beach.
Now the good news! As you know above we are in Hotel temporary. I have many options to think on, but I have two jobs currently and fighting to keep shelter over us. I promised to keep you updated. We have gotten some help, but are still pushing a lot before we can call a place home.
I hope everything works out. You're so strong!
@kpopandkimchi Thank you. It gives me a few reasons to fight harder than anytime before. I believe it will. It's a new beginning and new bright hope.