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안녕하세요 친구! Welcome to an extremely late edition of Sing it Sundays with me. Today we will focus on our very own SVT Vocal Unit's leader: WOOZI! Literally just pictures of him, so shamelessly spamming. Enjoy. ♡
Woozi forever judging. Hope you liked the spammed photos our my adopted baby Carat Woozi. Let me know who would you like next? Would you like a card about reactions? Perhaps another shipping card? More singing from each member? Individual or group liking? I would appreciate feedback. Hope everyone had a nice Sunday.
Are you trying to ruin my bias list? xD Woozi is just too cute!!
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@MrsJungHoseok lol he is too cute and these were rated G pictures jaja
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my mini suga 😍
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@IsoldaPazo No I refuse. 😝 Don't do this to muh heart isolda 😂💗💗 why is he so adorable...
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