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It's pretty widely known that 4Minute (aside from Hyuna) never get the attention they deserve.

Turns out, members of B2ST are feeling the same way.

Yoseob was pretty nice about it, but he still called out Cube for not promoting the fact that he is currently singing with Soomi...

“Hey Cube how are you doing? I’m singing with Jo Soomi I thought I’d just let you know since it didn’t look like you knew. Anyway have a good friday.”

It's super since (in true Yoseob fashion) but still shows that Cube isn't doing their job in making sure their artists get the press they deserve.

What do you guys think of how Cube promotes?

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I never really thought about it. But now that I am.... Yeah.... I see it.
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this isz sad Yesss it seems as if their promotions were delayed they were suppose to be making a come back but i had nt heard anything abt that all of the sudden nd now its all abt Pentagon i love rookies but i dont want my Beastie boys to be ignored . i hope they can find a way to balance it
2 years ago·Reply
Ouch~ 😞😞
2 years ago·Reply
@SusiBosshammer why did no one tell me this wow I feel so uninformed right now
2 years ago·Reply