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In celebration of her fellow group member Sunny‘s birthday on May 15th, Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany sent her a touching message on the latest broadcast of Inkigayo. After hearing her announcement, however, BTS‘s Jin, who was on the show as a guest MC with fellow group member Rap Monster also chimed in to show his affection for the SM Entertainment singer. Instead of also wishing her a happy birthday, however, the Big Hit Entertainment singer instead told Sunny that he loves her. With such interesting timing for the sudden declaration of love, however, fans were left speculating if his message could be more than just a slip of the tongue. Fans are definitely anticipating what sort of response Sunny will be giving to his unexpected confession (even if it was just an accident). Could they be the next cutest couple of 2016? Only time will tell! source: Koreaboo
Omg that is too funny I don't know they'd be cute but......I think someone else could def. go better with jin....like most lol jkjk
Man I don't even like sunny tho like i know I might get killed for saying that but they just don't go good together like Jin go for me or something I can't believe u would go that low 😂 sorry Sunny lovers
I hope it was just a slip of the tongue ;-; my heart just dropped
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