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I like to give my brushes a deep wash every Sunday or Monday - it gets a clean, fresh start to the week. So, I decided to start a collection to post cards every week to remind us all to clean our brushes!
It's best if you wash your main brushes every week, and everything else at least every 2-3 weeks! I'm going to post weekly reminders in this collection, though!

So.....go wash your brushes!!

There are lots of different ways to wash your brushes, so I thought I'd go through some of the different ways people actually get the old makeup & oils out of their brushes - be it in a cup, on a plate, whatever. Which do you use?

The Palm Technique

This is how I currently get the makeup out of my brushes. I use a bit of baby shampoo, put it in my palm, and then after letting WARM (not hot!!) water run over the brush head, I gently brush circles onto my hand in the baby shampoo. You can see the color coming into the soap. Rinse & repeat, then rinse & dry!

The Plate Technique

I haven't tried this before, but I might. Basically, let WARM water fall over your brush (hold the brush upside down when doing this). Then, put a tiny bit of warm water in a plate with your chosen cleaner, and circle the brush around in there to see the dirt & grime come out! Rinse & dry :)

The Bowl Technique

Don't soak them, but you can use a bowl full of lukewarm water and your chosen cleaner to swish the brushes around until they're thoroughly saturated, and then rinse them clean. I don't like this way because I'm paranoid about dissolving the glue in my brushes too much, lol! But it can definitely work :) I do this for brushes with more layers of makeup stuck on them sometimes.

The Soaking Technique?

Personally, I don't think this technique. If you soak and soak the glue that holds the bristles in, they may loosen & the bristles will fall out! So if you choose to soak, make sure you only soak the bristles, not the point where the bristles are attached to the handle!
If you do soak them deeper than that, keep them in there AT MOST for 3-5 minutes, and only for heavier cream products to get that loosened before doing the plate or hand technique!!
Follow this collection for weekly reminders about cleaning & some new ideas for how to clean your brushes!