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In this disturbing video, a sniper fires indiscriminately before turning his sights on the cameraman. Ahmed Samir Assem was a 26-year-old photographer for Egypt's Al-Horia Wa Al-Adala newspaper. He was among at least 51 people killed when security forces opened fire on a large crowd outside the Egyptian army's Republican Guard Barracks in Cairo.
Me too
any way thanks for this conversation i really enjoy it
I think you're definitely way more familiar with what's going on than I am. It would be great if you put up some cards with updates and your tale on what's going on. (Also, I think there's always a bigger picture)
this few are the leaders of the brother hood like mohamed badea , khairat elshater , morsi , safwat hgazi and others they are encourage violence in their speeches like what is happening now in rabaa eladawya and there are peoples who believe what they are saying because they use the religion in their speeches to convince them they just use the religion like a tool so this few people are dangerous on our community so i don't think that i am misses the bigger picture because i live in it and in the bast year we have suffered from the role of the muslim brotherhood and their policy
@araor I actually agree that some members of the brotherhood are "trying to make disorder" especially if you look at Mohammed Badie's statements in this article Still, don't you think that misses the bigger picture? You can't just judge a whole organization by the actions of a few, don't you think?
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