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After three years of endless hard work and $305 Million investment, SF MOMA reopened to the public this Saturday. The 10 story building was designed by Scandinavian firm Snohetta which sits above and next to the existing building designed by Swiss architect Mario Botta. The outer white part of the building is made from FRP (fiberglass reinforced polymer), which looks bright and beautiful next to the darker tone building in the neighborhood. Despite, the positive reaction of the modern design, some critics came up with several nickname for this masterpiece — fog, marshmallow, toilet paper, and merengue.
As someone who appreciate museum and architecture I think this space looks stunning especially at night. Though, during the day it might look a bit silly. What do you think?
On the other hand, the interior is quite impressive. Lots of good lighting and fresh structures. My current favorite is the enormous spiral sculpture pictured above. If I ever plan to visit SF this is going to be in my itinerary. I'm curious about the Fisher collection everyone is taking about! If you live in SF, you might want to stop by SF MOMA. You can take a virtual tour here. Free admission if you are 18 and younger. The 1st and 2nd floor are FREE to the public.
ITS HUGE! SF has never done me wrong with museums so I'm down for another!
@danidee I actually passed by Blue Bottle cafe a couple times but never went in there. If I remembered correctly the SF Ferry Building also house the cafe!
I'm so excited!! I'm a little bummed that their Blue Bottle cafe closed though. Trying the cafe's Piet Mondrian cake was super high on my traveling bucket list. I guess I'm just going to have to try making the recipe myself at home.