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You can buy magnetic brush sets (for way too much) so that you can hang up your brushes & store them in a really safe way. Or, you can take the brushes you already love & make yourself a magnetic holder for them!

Here's what the end result would look like!

fouronthedice put together this awesome project, and it's actually SO cheap!! Trust me, even the most DIY challenged of us could do this one.
You see the black strip on the front of the shelf?
You can put the small & lighter brushes on this.
And you can put bigger magnets of different sizes underneath for bigger & heavier brushes.

But how do they stick, you ask?

Here's the secret:

Magnetic paint!!! All you need is about 3 -4 coats on the smaller brushes and about 6 on the bigger ones to be sure they'll stick! Genius, right? I'm totally going to try this the next time I get a chance!
This is super useful! I don't know if they sell magnetic paint here but definitely gonna find out! I need to set this up like now!
Oh me too!! 😍 so cool!!!!