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Congratulations on Their Wedding 💐
(Can You Spot All 7 Monsta X Members??) I was happy when I heard the news that they were getting married because I've always said that Mad Clown has to marry soon because he's already getting old Lol If you guys don't know I'm a Mad Clown fan and he's the cause of pulling me into Monsta X/ No.Mercy and other Starship Entertainment idols like Jooyoung, Brother Su, Seungwoo, Sistar, etc.

Just Look how happy they look!

Congratulations to both and the new chapter in their life! ♡

Monsta X's outfit for the Wedding! ♡

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Awwww!! So cute:)
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Omg Look at them THEY'RE SOO CUTE ok Me and my husband I.M needs to do a wedding. WE NEED TO PUBLISH OUR MARRAIGE BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE
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Ahhh that's so awesome!! I'm so happy for them!! 😄 And Monsta X looks fiiiiiine!!
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