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Remember when I talked about when women become Ron Swanson?

Well, this whole weekend I have been SO CRAZY towards my boyfriend and its definitely because my Ron Swanson is showing.

First I randomly started crying in a taxi on Saturday night because...well...I have no idea lol.

Then, I got really crazy.

He always sleeps in, something I know well and am very prepared for.
But for some reason when he woke up on Sunday and asked what we wanted to do that day I completely ignored him, told him I was tired since I had already been awake for 4 hours just laying around, and that I didn't really want to do anything. On top of that I was so hungry I was nauseous.

But inside I knew I wasn't really that annoyed, I just wanted to make him feel bad. And when I hit THAT realization, I burst into tears.

I shouldn't be making him feel bad for no reason. He was awake working until 1am the night before, we didn't even have plans so there was no real reason for him to wake up AND he woke up earlier than he normally does any way.

I went from being a mean angry girlfriend to being a sniffly crying mess apologizing for my behavior in about 5 minutes.

Poor boy, he had no idea what (or who) he was dealing with.

I explained and luckily he was super patient and just waited for me to calm down, and then I bought him lunch and coffee and sort of got a handle on myself for the rest of the day :3

So ladies, how do you handle your mood swings when its that time of month and you're dealing with friends, family, or boy/girlfriends?

Guys, have you ever had to deal with a friend or girlfriend that was going through something like this?

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For some reason I get really hungry during that time of the month. So I'll eat a bunch of food then get sad and complain that I'm getting fat. Haha I'm totally open about my period with my boyfriend and he just wants to know if I'm going through my mood swings so he can prepare lol
sleep and food are the ultimate cures for me lol oddly, I'm much nicer during that time of the month.
omg! that month. I remember, my boyfriend.texted me like he always does in the morning, the whole day I didn't reply and he went over to my house and looked for me. yes, I was there and he stared at me. so we were alone and I told him I was reading a book and I wanted to stay in bed watch movies and eat junk food. I had all my curtains down, no light on, only my tv. so, he asked why, I ddint answer, and I said that I just didn't felt like talking to anyone, and he said, why, is it that day of the month, and I told him, how do u know that, and he said u shouldn't feel embarrassed I'm ur freaking boyfriend not a guy passing in the street. 馃樁 so, he stayed in and cuddle. 馃槄
Yeah, I woke up super sick and with a nice little period to join me in my misery