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Everything was warm, too warm if you dared to say but you weren’t complaining, and in fact you couldn’t do it in your current state, deep into slumber but not quite. It was somewhere halfway of it, making you conscious enough that you were half asleep and really aware that you didn’t really want to change that soon.
You felt warm, yes, but now you could also feel something else. You were trying to force yourself back, push your curiosity away but you couldn’t, the sensation was getting the best of you. There was a quiet and steady rush of air near your face, it was soft and peaceful so you unconsciously moved your face closer to the source, your eyes were still closed, refusing to open to the new day. It had to be early, you could say it for the sunlight that reflected upon your eyelids, yet you didn’t really care for the hour of the morning, you knew you had noting else to do for that day.
Your forehead met a firm surface and you furrowed your eyes, but the thing that really made you open them was the rhythmical heartbeat you could now notice under the fingertips of your left hand and the pair of arms firmly coiled around your body. Blinking slowly to coax your drowsy eyes to focus, you realized you weren’t alone on the bed.
At first it was surprising, then that surprise evolved to a much pleasant feeling, the one you could only get when finally staring up to the person you’d been using as a pillow for the whole night. And part of the morning, you thought with the ghost of a smile dancing around your lips, before reaching a little to the front and leaving a tender loving kiss on the mole he had on the left side of his neck that you loved almost as much as you loved him.
Jungkook opened his eyes to the feeling of a pair of lips pressing against the skin of his neck. He already knew it was you, there was no one else it could be, so before he could stop it a smile appeared on his lips. He looked down and found your sleepy eyes fixed on him.
-Hey there - he rasped out, voice hoarse and thick with the interrupted sleep. -Morning -
His arms closed around your a little tighter but you didn’t care, the best part of waking up today was the fact of doing it inside Jungkook’s hug.
You snuggled a bit more against his ever so present warmness, your head had been resting on his left shoulder and half of your body was on top of him, your legs entangled together in a loving mess of limbs and you supposed that it had happened at some point over the night, but Jungkook was so huggable according to you that you couldn’t really stay away for much when he indulged you.
-Good morning Kook - giggling a little you hid your face in the crook of his neck. Jungkook started to run one of his hands along your back in a soothing motion that made you feel so comfortable.
-Did you sleep well? - he asked with his eyes closed, he was probably still sleepy too.
-Better than ever -
-Oh yes? - Jungkook asked and you suddenly noticed how his tone had changed, from drowsy and slurred to confident and playful. In a moment he had turned you around, pressing your back against the mattress and holding you down by the waist. -Could it be because it was with me? -
You looked up at Jungkook with surprised eyes by the sudden change of positions and after hearing his words you smiled widely, he cold be so smug sometimes, but his confidence was actually attractive and it made your heart race. He already knew the answer to that question so you didn’t bother to disguise it or avoid it.
-Of course that was the reason - Your hands moved up towards the silky black strands of his hair, your fingertips running along his scalp and messing up the hair. Jungkook leaned into your touch, closing his eyes for a moment.
-I think it’s unfair - he said without opening his eyes yet. -I was crushed by someone while trying to sleep, I don’t know, it was like a human snake or something, coiling all over me -
-I didn’t crush you, you’re such a liar -
He couldn’t hold his laugh back now, you laughed too but still achieved to hit him once on the shoulder before he frustrated your second attempt. Jungkook caught your hands and leaved a small peck on your knuckles.
-You really did sleep all over me though - his words made you blush slightly but you knew he wasn’t mad because of it.
-Your arms were all over me too - yo fired back with a wicked smile on your blushing face.
-You got me-
Jungkook laughed cutely with his bunny smile making an appearance, making his eyes crinkle with joy, even his cheek crinkling a bit and it was so heartwarming that you lowered your hands down to the back of his neck and pulled him into a kiss.
He didn’t take long to answer your kiss back, his lips molding against yours and his hands moving once again to your waist to caress it softly over the fabric of your pajamas.
Your fingertips found their way back to his hair and started to play with it while he kissed you. It was a delightful way to start the morning, the best way actually, with Jungkook arms and hands holding you and his lips kissing yours slowly and lovingly.
You kissed for another while, none of you had anything to rush for. Jungkook kissed your cheeks, the tip of your nose, the edge of your jaw and even dared to place a few kisses here and there around your neck.
-You’re giving me tickles- you giggled, trying to squirm away from his wandering lips on your neck. Jungkook laughed amused by your reaction, his hand holding you tighter to stop you from moving under him.
-I like to hear you laugh - he then started to attack all your ticklish point until you were a laughing mess under him, with blushed cheeks, ragged breath and messy hair.
-Please stop - you gasped, laughter still shaking your body and you wondered how your bed had turned into a tickle ground, but with Jungkook everything was possible so it wasn’t really surprising.
Jungkook had mercy and stopped his attack on you, moving to lie next to you, laughing as much as it if was him the one getting tickled.
-I’m hungry - he said after a bit, and you laughed again, standing up from the bed after pecking his lips.
-Now I won’t give you any breakfast for being so mean to me -
He sat abruptly while you smiled at him. -You wouldn’t - he said holding his stomach.
-Watch me - you said before running out of the room. Jungkook followed you right away and he ended catching you in the middle of the hallway before you could make it far.
You laughed and he whined a lot until you gave in and made breakfast for the both of you.
Eating right in front of you Jungkook was still smiling, your heart jumped a bit inside your chest when he showed that cute smile of his. He raised his hand towards the corner of your lips to clean a stain.
-I like waking up with you inside my arms -
His words made you smile brightly, and before you could think better about it, Jungkook stole another kiss from your lips, retrieving to his breakfast again. You were glad he felt that way because you also liked to wake up inside his arms.


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This was the fuzziest, most adorable one! I wanna wake up like that too
Oh this was cute!!! But let me tell you how silly I am. At one point in the story it says: the best part of waking up...... In my mind I finished it like: waking up is folgers in your cup! 😂😂☕️✌️
😂😂😂 I love it @DasiaB
This was so freakin cute!!! 😭
can u do iKon?
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