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@petname83 wrote a wonderful card that challenged the meaning of beauty (i.e. what makes you feel pretty) and got me thinking a lot. For instance, what's the motive behind my fashion? Do I dress well to impress others or do I dress well to feel confident?
After thinking carefully, I realized my fashion sense has changed from impressing others to feeling comfortable and confidence. When I was walking on the campus ground as a college student, I felt the pressure of upgrading my closet to the latest trend. Some of my classmates never wore the same outfit twice within a quarter and that is impressive. If you were surrounded by people who lived like that will most likely make you feel conscious about what you wear.
That was my dilemma. Fast forward to now, I'm don't feel the need to update my closet as often. It's not a big deal to recycled the same outfit for the next week. What makes me feel pretty on a given day is if I am comfortable in what I wear.

So, here's my question. What makes you feel pretty and confident?

@MyAffairWith @petname83 I have not worn a graphic tee in a long time but hearing you two talk about it makes me want to purchase a new one!
My hair when it's done and my make up.
A skirt or jeans/sweats and graphic tee's. I love fun, affordable graphic tees
I love dresses and heels! My shoes always make me feel more confident!
@cindystran ^_^ have fun searching for one. I love the search!!
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