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3 Minute Love Story: Lorde Takes No Prisoners

I can never see myself in a relationship with someone who already has another lover. I'd feel cheap and horrible.

In "Magnets," Lorde portrays the role of the "other woman" with a serious twist that has made me watch this MV over and over again.
Here's a quick breakdown of the story:

1. You make eye contact with someone from across the room and its electric.

2. Next thing you know you're in the kitchen hoping his wife won't come in unexpectedly.

3. And then, well, watch the video to find out.

Who else loves this song and video?

Have you ever had a love-at-first-sight kind of connection with someone?

Also, when are we going to hear new stuff from Lorde?!

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@sophiamor why would I cheat on anyone with Lorde? hahah
a year ago·Reply
hadn't seen the video before. interesting yet kinda weird. isn't she still like 17?
a year ago·Reply
@ctsr1 yeah thats why this video was pretty controversial since she's managed to control how the industry uses her sexuality (ie, they leave her alone) so this was the first time she ever did something like this.
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agreed. she is very pretty just hope she doesn't go and turn into a hoe
a year ago·Reply