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When we usually think of bunts, we think about sacrifice bunts or sometimes a way to get on base for an incredibly fast batter and a bit of luck. But, Korean baseball player, Lee Dae-hyung, of the KT Wiz showed the world that bunts aren't meant for either of those things.

Watch this man hit a double off a BUNT!

And that wasn't the first time he's done it. He did it a few years back when he was with the LG Twins.

Please tell me you're preparing for this year's summer Olympics facing the great Usain Bolt.

Nah bro. I'm good here playing baseball.

Haha I want this guy on the Giants
dammm thats some magical shit right there
@DavidGom haha I know right?
@DucktheFodgers It almost looks like he was doing it on purpose