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So many of us will want to visit Korea even before we reach fluency, so I found this experiment pretty interesting.

Keep in mind, Korean schools force students to study English starting in elementary school, its a huge portion of their university entrance exams (which basically makes or breaks their life) and most parents will try to get their kids English tutors if they can afford it.

One man asks random Korean strangers questions in English to see their reactions!

Does this make you feel less nervous about traveling?

Would you feel comfortable speaking English to strangers?

Having been here for a little over two weeks it's actually quite surprising how many people will speak English to you, or attempt to. It is so adorable when you get elderly people waving and smiling doing their best to greet you in English. And most people seem willing to help even if they don't speak English haha
This may be true for most koreans, but I made a few pen pals in busan and a few other places where none of them knew english. luckily I made do with speaking korean to them but I found it was only the people from seoul that really spoke english to me or at least the city's further up north
@Ticasensei hmm as some one who has been a tourist and someone living here i find that tourists and foreigners living here alike go to non-touristy places. Unless youre like at a castle, everywhere is sort of mixed as far as whats touristy and what isnt. But mayne since youre new here thats how you perceive it. Always interesting to get a diff perspective.
this does make me feel a little better but I've heard it's mostly like seoul that a lot speak English?? but idk >_< i really want to start taking korean lessons because teaching myself with youtube and stuff is difficult ;_;
That's really cool, it definitely makes me less nervous.
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