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So many of us will want to visit Korea even before we reach fluency, so I found this experiment pretty interesting.

Keep in mind, Korean schools force students to study English starting in elementary school, its a huge portion of their university entrance exams (which basically makes or breaks their life) and most parents will try to get their kids English tutors if they can afford it.

One man asks random Korean strangers questions in English to see their reactions!

Does this make you feel less nervous about traveling?

Would you feel comfortable speaking English to strangers?

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can you make more clips with this topic? so fun lol. anyhow you guys easily get helped in korea even thoguh koreans are not that flurnt in speaking english but do understand.
I've seen that video a while back, it does make a good thing though, it's good they learn it if they want to get a big career a lot of big owner speak more then one language to be able to go around and sell things or whatever they do, like we are required to learn Spanish even if it for 2 years it's so we can expand our horizon a little betted
I would like to go to Korea now
yes.they could talk a bit.
yes this does help...but I still plan on learning more so I'm not a huge annoyance lol