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Who do you think are the biggest "bros" in Kpop?

Note - I consider a bro to be a laid back guy that's sort of just a "dude" lol I don't mean it in a negative way^^ Just guys that are super stereotypical dudes hahahah.

Here are a few of mine!

Jackson from GOT7

Ravi from VIXX

CNU from B1A4

Dongwoo from Infinite

Minho from SHINee

Shownu from Monsta X

Who else is a Kpop bro!?

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Yup, totally agree on Shownu "HI Hello 안녕!" Lol Also, I think BTOB Peniel fits as a bro too.
I agree with all of your choices, and although I find him cute, I kind of think of Namjoon from BTS that way (^-^)
I think Jooheon is also a bro in Monsta X. (at least he try to) 😂😂
I agree with these, it's some of my favorite guys. I also think TaecYeon from 2PM is also a total bro, in the best way possible. 💚😘
Jongup from B.A.P.?