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Steph Curry is a great basketball player. But he's also a great dad!

And I have to say he has the two cutest daughters in the world!

We all know Riley Curry (the older one) is already a superstar and loves to steal the show from her dad during interviews...but I'm also seeing a bit of potential in the little one, Ryan Curry, as well. She's biting her dad's MVP trophy (that he has won back-to-back btw) and Curry has no problem with it!
Let's just see if Ryan can take Riley's place in a few years. Or even better, Riley and Ryan both steal the show at the same time.

Double trouble for Curry. But no worries, he is the MVD (Most Valuable Dad) in the end.

Riley always stealing the show during press conferences haha
@DavidGom Haha I want to see Ryan become a superstar like her sister
They are the cutesttttttttt