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They are considered unavoidable "defects" in food products. Some examples include: - Up to an aggregate length of 12mm of insect larvae per 24 pounds of canned corn - 60 insect fragments per 100g of chocolate and chocolate liquor - 30 insect fragments per 100g of peanut butter - 150 insect fragments per 100g of wheat flour - 400 insect fragments per 50g of ground cinnamon - 925 insect fragments per 10g of ground thyme I didn't add any real insect pictures because I've lost my appetite for the whole day and I don't want anyone else to feel the same.... and remind me to pick and grind my own thyme leaves next time. source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Food_Defect_Action_Levels
@curtisb Hahahaha! You didn't read it? Trust me, it wasn't toooooo horrifying. Okay, I'm lying. It was. @minjaeturtles One day, I went there to read one, just one article. 10 articles later. Lol!
@YinofYang I agree Cracked is like crack
honestly i couldn't click it. @yinofyang
@curtisb @happyrock @minjaeturtles @Jo32971 I take it the article I linked wasn't to everyone's happiness? LOL!!!! I knew it might horrify some of you. Sorry, but I just had to share. As for the spiders, I wouldn't worry about that one too much. It's one of those scary things that started out as a comment and got blown way up. Beware, Cracked is seriously addicting. You just want to read more and more articles there. XD
@minjaeturtles ~ lol I know , right! Its ok I was too! =^..^=
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