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Abs and Happy Trails Spam. Warning: Lots of sexy. 😍
(Xiumin of EXO in picture ) This is dedicated to those mesmerizing patches of hair just below a man's navel... When they don't shave it all off... They're often called happy trails... for obvious reasons. (With inevitable yet bonus abs)! Enjoy! :)
1. No Min Woo 2. Chansung 3. Seulong 4. Taeyang 5. Gong Yoo 6. Jong Suk 7. Kikwang 8. Leeteuk 9. Kibum 10. Se7en
1. Choi Minho 2. Chansung 3. Jonghyun 4. Xiah Junsu 5. Daesung 6. Kangta 7. Lee Minwoo 8. Taekyeon 9. Eunhyuk 10. Xiah Junsu
1. Jonghyun 2. Leeteuk 3. Tao 4. Chen 5. Leeteuk 6. Lee Joon 7. Taekyeon 8. Jonghyun 9. Baro 10. No Min Woo
Tagging the ladies that I KNOW appreciate this kind of stuff. If you want on (or off) the tag list to my eye candy/Pervy stuff, let me know in the comments ^^ @MadAndrea @Helixx @AimeeH @dragonlittle @NyxSukai @JiyongLeo @kpopandkimchi
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I KNEW IT TAO!!!!!!! I FREAKING KNEW IT! haha I think I'm too proud of guessing that correctly XD
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