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Before anyone says anything I know. "Nabi what about your other stories." If I don't write this I will be stuck in a writing rut. Have fun with the feels.
“Andrea I can’t believe we did it. We actually moved to Korea.” Nabi said as she craned her head back looking at all the signs. They just got off their plane and were heading out to get something to eat before they unpacked their two-bedroom house. “You know I couldn’t let you move here by yourself.” Andrea was always there to watch after her so it really was not that big of a surprise when she decided to move with her. They stopped at a café that had outside seating. It was a nice day and the seating was covered so they could sit in the shade. The waitress sat them on the opposite side of the patio from a group of boys. They overheard the conversation one of them was having over the phone. “Come on can’t you leave for at least an hour? When was the last time we got to see you? I know you have lots of work to do but you need to relax too. I managed to get Jung kook out of the house and here with no problems so come on. No he isn’t here and you know why. Fine but if you skip dinner I’ll be upset.” He hung up the phone talking to the guys he was with. “Come on Jimin I know you already ate but at least take a few bites. Jin already ate too and he looks like he is starving the way he is eating.” Nabi could see the one talking from where she was sitting. He looked so happy as he was talking to his friends. One of them seemed to be in his own world though. “Don’t stare it’s not nice.” Andrea had caught her looking. “I was just thinking how handsome that one guy is. He would look good with you.” “As if. My Korean is still terrible and you know it. It would be a miracle if I could even get his number.” “I can do that for you don’t worry.” She had been practicing her Korean long before they decided to move. She got up from the table making her way over to the table of men. “Nabi no just sit down. Damn it.” Andrea knew it was useless, once she had something on her mind she did it. “Um excuse me.” Nabi smiled then bowed. “My name is Nabi and my friend over there is Andrea. We just moved here from America and we don’t really know anyone. Could we exchange numbers so we can hang out sometime?” The youngest looking one had backed up when she started talking. “Oh hello. I’m Hoseok but you can call me Hobi. Maybe I could show you all the best places around here soon.” Nabi kept the smile on her face despite she shock she was going through. She could not believe that actually worked. They exchanged numbers and then she went back over to Andrea. “I can’t believe it worked.” She whispered as she sat down leaning over the table to look closer at Andrea. Nabi could already tell this was going to be an interesting place to live.
@KokoroNoTakara don't spoil it for the others
Quick question! Are they bts in this or simply group of guys?
I am extremely interested in this fic
Damn wonder if that line will work for me too?! lol😉
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