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Some of us make friends in just the wildest of places. We meet them, we bite them, and from that moment on, we're just plain inseparable. (Wait, what do you mean that's not how you make friends? It certainly worked in this story!)

A 23-year-old Florida woman (no relation to the illustrious 'Florida man') found herself in quite the unusual situation when she was bit on the arm by a two-foot shark.

In a normal shark bite situation, someone's usually running around with a missing appendage, being saved by David Hasselhoff, or - well - sinking to the depths of the ocean where they will eventually be grade A shark chow.

This shark, however, had a different plan, and as the woman sped to shore, it stayed stuck to her arm like a clingy ex-boyfriend.

Those who helped her on the shore were able to kill the shark (which is horrible), but still were unable to remove it.

So guess who had to go to the hospital with a dead shark hanging on her arm? You guessed it. Florida woman.

In an interview with the local press, Ocean Rescue Capt. Clint Tracy explained the situation, adding that the shark was eventually removed once the woman was settled into the ER:

"I have never seen anything like it. Never even heard of anything like this."

So am I the only one that seriously can't believe this happened? And feel HORRIBLE for the shark?

Rest in peace, Florida Shark - free to swim into that great Pacific Ocean in the sky.
I definitely feel bad for the shark. I think we need to remember that when we go out to the ocean, we're walking into someone's home.
it's just an arm she'll live but I'm more concerned for the shark😭😭😭
Aww that poor shark it was adorable to and small
poor shark 😢
except that's an Atlantic shark. #atlanticrepresent
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