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Well I wanted to apologize for not posting recently and I won't say much just a few base reasons why I've been mostly missing except for the occasional rare moment where I'm online. Well the first is because my mom is having terrible health issues and I'm having a hard time dealing with it especially with the recent news. The second is because well the guy I was in a relationship with have me several bullshit reasons why it was over and I've not heard from him since so right now I'm feeling kind of broken. I'll try to start posting again soon and work more on the fanfictions I've been writing but I can't promise it will be quick or consistent at least not at first. So have a great day and try to be patient with me please. And also the reason this has been posted in all of my collections is so anyone that has followed any of them will get the news.
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Any time! 😄
@Gibbous1992 @mymi Thanks for being there for me. it helps a lot.
I'm so sorry to hear all these awful things happening to you. Stay strong and think positive.
I'm sorry to hear about all the bad news. I hope you get through this okay. Stay strong! I believe in you!