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Confession time...
I have an announcement! I feel ashamed of myself for keeping it for this long...so, so ashamed.
This is about my ultimate bias...
You all know that at first I had Jackson Wang from GOT7, right?
And now I said Kim Seokjin from BTS?
Well, I've been lying to you and myself!
I realized who my true Ultimate Bias is.
I don't know why I didn't realize it.
But it's true!
And I absolutely love him!
Both GOT7 and BTS are my bias groups. And they both have great members. But I think BTS is my absolute fav!
Sorry for the silly card lol! This isn't even all my pics! I have over 2,000 pics of him on my phone! OMO!💖
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eyy your not the only one tehe I can relate to you taetae has been my ultimate bias since I first saw him he captured me with his dorkyness and cuteness and omgzz everything from him it's just indescribable I have so many pictures of him I need more storage space tehe
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@kpopbunny9 lol I'm glad to know I'm not the only one!😂
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