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Kwame Brown is arguably the biggest draft bust of the last 15 years. Brown went #1 overall in 2001 in a year that included Tyson Chandler, Pau Gasol, Joe Johnson, Shane Battier, Zach Randolph, Gilbert Arenas, and Tony Parker. He was the first #1 draft pick selected straight out of high school whose talent was endorsed by the best of all time, but that turned out to be the highlight of his career. No one could have known that this promising young superstar would turn out to be such a bust in the NBA and knowing what we know now, franchises would have probably run from him like the plague. But here it is: if we didn't know anything about how Brown's career would play out, Brown would likely go number one in the 2013 draft. Can you argue with that?
If it was attitude issues, I don't think he would have went number 1. Top 10 for sure, but I feel like teams want the whole package from the number 1 pick now. Everyone had Noels as the number one but because of the uncertainty, so many teams passed on him!
@JohnLee @Goyo is right. His attitude and lack of maturity killed him I think. Good point, had Jordan not endorsed him he probably would have slid out of the #1 slot. So based on this year's draft, not knowing what you know now, where do you seem him picked?
@johnlee I think he had more attitude issues. Not in the sense he was a bad guy, but more that he didn't know he was a center and like outside shooting a lot more than most guards lol
did he have a big wingspan? I know he had small hands. I feel like those metrics matter so much more now in the nba... maybe its because of him haha...
I remember many at that time as well did not believe he deserved to go #1. Many have questioned many of Jordan's selections so I am not sure if even back then, had it not been Jordan, if kwame would've gone #1