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I remember thinking...

What would I ask BTS if I had the chance? And one thing that came to mind was if I could look at their hands. Not for palm reading!! It's just that while most people have a prominent "M" on their palm, I have more of a line & my M is faint. My twin has it on one hand. It's just a tiny genetic anomaly but it's something I like to look for in my friends and family (for funsies!)

So I looked up BTS hands and found these...

What the heck.

These actually exist!! xD

If you want to know what I mean by having a line, look at Jungkook's hand (is it a sign??? hdjwjjfjejnloljk).

But wait.

There's MORE.

Seriously, who thought of these... . .

Answer these questions below BEFORE you continue!!!

. .

Answered them??

Then scroll right on each block and find your match if you can :D

Also, read the rest of their interviews (because why not)!~


Jin Mama






Looking at the translations, I have the most in common with Jimin and J-hope (more signs hjesmxjkf *insert fairy godparents Crocker spaz gif here*).

Who matched you the most? What would you ask your idol(s)??

***all credit to original posters!!!


I'm addict to kpop idols hands 😂
@resavalencia woahh I wonder what their palms say (that's so cool ^^)! Definitely a sign, hehe~~
I have the most in common with Jin, Jimin, and J-Hope, but what I'm really freaking out about is the fact that mine and Jimin's Head and Heart lines are almost identical (I can't see enough detail to say they are completely identical ). I do palm reading, and I have never seen someone's whose matched mine before.... definitely a sign, right?? 😉
sexy hands😏
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