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:3 hello mwuahah I am mrsjeon :3 I am part of the winkonic Squad and I'm in charge of Jinhwan on Mondays and as well as Seungyoon. a little about me: ●I've been into kpop since I was 8 ●I'm 17 turning 18 ● :3 I'm bts trash js owo ● I've been into both winner and ikon since the show WIN: who is next ● I was a fan of Seungyoon since i stumbled apon the MV for "have you ever been in love" ● I'm yg biased tbh and idec ● I'm very straight forward about things I'm Blunt, brutally honest, and I speak my mind. ● I'm weird :3 +I will give everyone virtual hugs so ACCEPT MY HUGGLES :3 so idk what else to say for myself except LET'S BE FRIENDS :3 hopefully u like me ;-;/
I look forward to Mondays and all the cards we do in this community!! 😊😊
💗💗💗 I love it. I look forward to seeing all the cards we start doing!
@mrsjeon I think so too XD
@mrsjeon Mine is Donghyuk Fridays!!
@LocoForJiyong I shall make your heart explode with Jinhwan :3 @swarrier16 AYE can't wait to see your's!! XD
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