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Genre: Angst, College AU
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Length: 2561 words
Summary: He was bad news. So why couldn’t I keep away?
Part: 5/?
OK, so I got up a bit early on Saturday to get ready. I’m not ashamed of it. Can’t a girl look good? And no, before you ask, I wasn’t doing it for Kim Taehyung.
And it didn't try too hard anyway- it was just my favourite skinny jeans matched with my favourite hoodie. I showered and changed and at precisely five to nine, I shoved all the relevant notes in my bag and left.
Music on, I walked to his place. I wasn’t feeling overly enthusiastic about this anyway. This was Taehyung. And it was Saturday. I doubt he would be in the mood or mindset to do any work.
But I had told him loud and clear “One fuck up, and I’m out.” And I meant that. I could have texted him to remind me of course, but part of me wanted to see if he remembered. That would show me he was taking it seriously.
I rang his doorbell and waited. And waited some more. I gritted my teeth and stood ringing his doorbell every couple of minutes. Furious, I rang him. His voice sounded groggy, and I instantly understood. He had been sleeping.
“Why are you ringi...Oh shit”, he muttered, as he remembered. I heard him scrambling out of bed. I also heard the words “Wake up right now. You need to leave.” I frowned. Who was he talking to?
At this point, I hadn’t actually said anything to him. But seeing as he would be at the door soon, I hung up. I kid you not, it was another five minutes after that, when he finally opened the damn door.
And it wasn’t even him. It was a tired, disgruntled looking Sooyoung, who pushed passed me, wearing the skimpiest dress I had ever laid eyes on. I could see more of her skin than the actual material covering it.
Nice to see they’ve made up, I thought as I grimaced. Then, the man of the hour made an appearance. Clad only in his boxers, running a hand through his messy hair . Instantly, my eyes widened and I whirled around. “Jesus Christ, put some clothes on!”
He laughed from behind me. “Just come in. I’ll get changed and you can wait inside.” My gaze diverted, I stepped inside and stood away from him. He was unbelievable. I had been stood outside for damn near 20 minutes and he had answered the door practically naked.
I stood there texting Jimin to kill me in the most painful way imaginable, because it was still be less painful than helping Taehyung, when he appeared once more. He was wearing baggy pants and a loose shirt.
The neckline was below his collarbone, and I tried my best not to stare. “You could have texted me to say you were coming.” I narrowed my eyes.
“First of all, fucktruck, you were the one who set the time, not me. And second of all, we arranged this two days ago. I didn’t think you were stupid enough to forget that quickly.”
His eyes darkened at my tone of voice. I knew he wasn’t used to people talking to him in this way, but I had taken the liberty of hauling my ass over here on a Saturday morning, and to be honest, I wasn’t in the mood.
“Right, so do you understand the material we covered in class last week?”, I asked, ignoring him, and changing the subject. I had already explained it to Jimin, so all I had to do was repeat myself to him, and I could leave.
He shook his head, and I sighed, getting my notes out. I hoped Taehyung would be quick to pick things up, but I would need him to concentrate. As I rooted through my back to find the right papers, the image of an annoyed Sooyoung barging past me came to mind, and I shuddered.
“You want a drink? You look a little...thirsty”, Taehyung smirked. Taking the papers out, I bit my lip to not say anything I would regret. I knew exactly what he was implying, and I ignored him. I was better than this.
I spent the next half hour repeated myself over and over. I clicked my fingers in front of face several times, because he kept zoning out, staring at me as opposed to the work I had placed in front of him.
Thankfully, as soon as I felt a headache coming on, Jimin rang. I thrust a pen in Taehyung’s hand, and ordered him to answer the ten practice questions while I got up to take the call. I stayed in the same room, but just paced around to stretch my legs.
“Hey, are you still tutoring?”
“Sadly, yes”, I glared at the back of his head. He actually had his head down, and it looked like he was writing. If I got back to see stupid doodles on the page, I would leave.
“How long will you be? We could go eat after?”
“Yes!” I fist pumped. “Lunch sounds great. I’ll have to go back home to get some money though.”
He laughed. “I owe you lunch still, remember? Don’t worry about paying.” II grinned. I had actually forgotten that he was gonna buy me lunch.
“Well, I started late here, so I should be done like half 11...I can meet you at 12? We can meet outside the coffee place?”
“Yeah that’s cool. Hoseok’s hanging near there too, so we might bump into him...”
“Yay, Hosoek (!) My best friend.” I could see Taehyung getting restless and I rolled my eyes. “Listen Jimin, I’ll text you when I’m done, yeah?”
He snorted. “Hope you’re having fun! See you later.”
“Huh. You have no idea...”, I replied dryly. “Bye!”
Once the call ended, I slid back into my seat and looked at the piece of paper I had left Taehyung. My eyes widened when I saw that he had actually answered all the questions. And when I worked them out myself, all our answered matched.
“This is good”, I praised him unintentionally. “You get it!” He didn’t say anything as I scanned his cheat, a small smile on my face. So he had been listening to me. Result. And I knew he couldn’t have cheated because I had made those questions up, so he couldn’t look up answers in the textbook.
His silence was a bit strange so I glanced at him, expecting him to have zoned out again. But no. He was staring right at me, leaning back, arms folded, his head tilted slightly.
I hated in when people stared. It made me feel even more self-conscious than I already was. And Taehyung had that same look on his face as he did on Wednesday when he decided he wanted to kiss me.
“Is there anything else you don’t get?” I checked the time- it wasn’t even half 10 yet.
“Yeah. I don’t get you.”
“Lucky for you, I won’t be on the exam”, I joked, thinking he was kidding. But he leaned forward slowly, his arm lazily resting on top of the papers so I had nothing to divert my attention from him.
“I thought you were playing hard to get. But then you told me at the party that you had never even kissed anyone.” His deep voice was so relaxing to listen to- but it also gave me anxiety, the way he was forming these words. I felt... I don’t even know. Vulnerable?
“You’re the only girl who treats me differently. I like that.” What the hell? He liked fact that I called him out for his bullshit? Right then.
“But you know what I don’t like? The fact that I was sat right here, and you knew I was listening, yet you still arranged a lunch date with him.”
I was confused. He didn’t like the fact that I was going to eat with Jimin? What the hell? I didn’t like the fact that Sooyoung and him were at it last night because the very though was gross, but I didn’t tell him that out loud.
My mind had gone into overdrive. Is that why he had suddenly gone quiet? He didn’t like me meeting up with my friend? My headache was back.
“Right...”, I said, drawling out the word in a way that clearly showed that I thought he was crazy. He was with different girls all the time, and not for the sake of friendship. I had the one friend. And what he had with that, was a problem.
“I’m just meeting up with my friend”, I finished bluntly. I was stating the obvious, but really, what else could I say? If I voiced all my honest thoughts, he would just get pissed off.
He leaned in closer. “What am I to you y/n? Am I a friend too?” Oh hell, no. I was here because I had to be. Because he had got our teacher involved in this tutoring bullcrap.
I wasn’t here out of choice- so how in the hell could I class the insufferable Kim Taehyung as a friend? The answer was simple- I couldn’t.
But I tried to be polite about it. “You’, you’re more of an associate”, I managed to get out. I didn’t want him to get the wrong idea and think we were friends. He had made my time at school hell so far. We were Not Friends.
His forehead was now touching the side of my head and I was frozen to the spot, looking down at my lap. This wasn’t how this study session was supposed to go.
“Associates?” He sounded almost disgusted at my choice of word. His breath tickled my ear as he whispered. “Tell me y/n, would an associate do this?” He proceeded to place his lips on the side of my neck, his hand resting on my opposite shoulder to bring me in closer.
My weak spot was my neck- like, I was always very ticklish there. But as Taehyung’s lips ghosted over the skin, I felt basically paralysed. It felt weirdly nice, and his lips left tingles wherever they touched.
I tried not to let on that I was enjoying it, but when he increased the pressure, I sighed without meaning to. I felt his lips form a smirk against my skin at the sound.
“What are you doing?”,I managed to get out.
“Showing you I’m not just an associate.” He was more of an ass than an associate, but I wasn’t going to say that out loud.
“Okay”, I said, jerking away from him. Those were the same hands that touched Sooyoung. The same lips that had been on hers. And to me, that was just ewww. “Point proven.”
I started to rub at my neck with my sleeve, as if to wipe out all trace of Taehyung from myself. He snickered at my reaction, before swivelling my chair around to face him. I held onto the sides of the chair for dear life, almost being catapulted into his lap.
I didn’t look up. I wasn’t comfortable with this proximity, but at the same time, I didn’t want him to stop whatever the hell he was doing. “You’re usually so vocal. Why so quiet?”
What was I supposed to say? But before I could think up an answer, he asked me another question. “Why won’t you look at me?”
“I don’t want to me put off my lunch”, I mumbled half-heartedly. That was unlike me- a retort the didn’t sound spiteful. All I could think was that if this was Taehyung in our first study session, then what the hell would he be like in the coming weeks?
He laughed. “Nice try babe. But you’re gonna have to do better.” My lip visible curled up in disgust. There was something about that word that just irked me beyond belief. ‘Babe’. Ugh.
“Don’t call me that. I’m not your ‘babe’.” He must have got sick of me avoiding his eyes because he reached over and pushed my head up gently, using to fingers to prop up my chin.
“That’s right, you’re not. You’re an ‘associate’.” The glint in his eyes was one of amusement, and knew he was mocking me. I glared at him. “If I say you’re my friend, will you leave me alone?”
He leaned back again, that stupid smirk on his face. “Maybe.” I rolled my eyes. I could have avoided all this crap by just saying he was my friend? Was he an actual five year old?
“Ok fine”, I sighed, gritting my teeth. “Kim Taehyung, you are my f-”
Before I could fully get out the word ‘friend’, Taehyung sprang towards me, and with a surprising aim, managed to land his lips on mine. Jesus Christ. I felt his tongue brush my lip and almost shrieked, but the second I opened my mouth, he pushed it in further.
I was so lost in the kiss this time that I didn’t actually register that as he was moving back, I was moving forwards into the kiss. I pulled away and opened my eyes to find myself in his lap.
“Shit”, I muttered, scrambling off him, but he grabbed my arms, rendering me unable to move. I swallowed nervously and licked my -now very sore- lips.
“What are you doing to me?”, he rasped. I just looked at him dumbly. His dark eyes- the very eyes that looked at me coldly- were now almost pleading with me.
As I was sat there, in his lap, I felt something underneath me which made me want to laugh and scream simultaneously. Ok, I was inexperienced, but I wasn’t born yesterday. I knew what happened to boys when they were aroused.
I shifted around uncomfortably in his lap, trying to find a position where I couldn’t feel....that under me. “Stop moving”, Taehyung growled. I clearly wasn’t helping.
As I stared at the boy I couldn’t stand, the boy who hated me, the boy who was known to sleep with every girl in our class, all I wanted to do was kiss him again. Was that bad of me? Probably.
He watched me, his gaze intense as I hesitantly placed my hands on his broad shoulders. “I shouldn’t be doing this. Not with you”, I muttered, staring at my hands.
I was so conflicted. He had never shown an interest in me, the Nerd. And now that he had, I was at his house out of school hours, making out? What the hell was wrong with me?
“You want to”, he stated factually, and I couldn’t argue with him there. “And what’s wrong with me?”
What’s wrong with you? You have no values. You treat girls like dirt. You keep using the bitchiest girl I have ever come across- just for sex. You labelled me as the Nerd. You don’t like my best friend. There is so much wrong with you Kim Taehyung.
That’s what I wanted to say. I could easily say it and walk out, never to return. That’s what I should have done. And on any other day, that’s what I would have done.
But do you know what I did instead? I pulled him in for another kiss. That’s right, I initiated it. And that’s when I knew there was no going back.
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This is good and bad, now she just gonna be on his list of girls to fuck. But when she called him a fucktruck I lost it😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
WHUUUUUUAAAAAAAAT?!?!? KIM TAEHYUNG WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!??! *flips tables* Oh my lord.....
@MrsChanyeol I know right I sat there for a few seconds like fucktruck 🤔😂 lol Jimin gone be hot when he find out!!! Let's just hope that Taehyung won't kiss and tell with her 😐😐😐
She's gonna regret that! I just hope he isn't doing some kind of bet 😐
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