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I have said it before, and I will say it again. Just because a character doesn't have a romance does no, in any way, shape, or form, mean they're gay. Since when does not wanting a relationship mean this?
When really it's more on the lines of this....
Elsa is a princess who is still feeling the guilt of hurting her sister and almost killing her. So she decides to lock her self in her room for the rest of her life. Leaving her locked away from her sister that she really wishes she could see, but is too guilty too. Then her parents die, and she goes a little depressed because she thought. If she locked herself away. Every one would be fine. Nobody would get hurt, and here she is. Crying in her room, because her parents are no longer there, but it doesn't make her any less of a danger. So she still stays away from Anna.
I also hate the else was the first independent Disney princess. Mulan, Pocahontas, fucking the fuzzy red head girl from brave. (She's not a princess but Nani from lilo and stitch.)
Her^ Like seriously those are all STRONG female role models, and everyone wants to look up to the one that literally ran away from everyone and cried the whole movie. Some may say she was strong for dealing with all that on her own, but I felt like......she was just being a coward and not being able to face any of her problems. Don't miss understand. Make a gay Disney character. Who's independent and thinks for herself. Make her with rainbow colored hair. I don't give a damn, but don't you dare tell me Elsa is gay because she doesn't want a fucking relationship right now. She is not gay. She has other shit to deal with.
I think it's super dumb too, the campaign wants to make her a lesbian because they feel she is a femenist. strong and lonely person... and so if she is independent and strong she must be a lesbian right? -_- so stupid.... we had a good thing going for a while tho
This is awesome. I totally agree that if Disney is going to make a gay character they'd better make them strong and awesome for people to look up to, not a character that is struggling and needs others to give her strength. Glad you brought this up!
let it go let it go let it gooooo
Elsa is a queen
but she starts off as a princess so.....
Honestly, this reason that she doesn't want a relationship and is considered gay doesn't make sense to me, and if the real reason to cry out that Elsa is gay just to get attention is ridiculous.