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Borders by Amber. I honestly cried, I mean this song is great and the message that goes with it makes me want to push myself and everyone around me to never give up.
this....this right here...I don't even know I just WWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! God help me *fanning myself* DTMN but I forgot the song name but what ever *shrugs*
this man right here...has been. I don't know. WHY HAVEN'T I FOUND THIS VIDEO UNTIL NOW?! Jonghyun- crazy I'm going crazy...
History- might just die.....I might just die...actually warning: you might just die I mean hip rolling all up in yo face and and abs and floor hump- you know what *kms*
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History's "Might Just Die" and Jonghyun's "Crazy" make me feel crazy. 😂