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360 view interview...Now don't get me wrong this is awesome. But What!? Standing in the middle of these guys totally surrounded! Oh my dear lords....How can my morning get any better? @Helixx @SarahVanDorn @BBxGD @lovetop @AbbyRamey @twistedPuppy @ashleyemmert @MadAndrea @MandyNoona @JiyongLeo @CrookedShadow
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Fiiiiiyaaaah!!! We are young!
2 years agoReply
They are killing us in all views!!!
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@lovetop haha yes, i had them staring down at me over me head, staring in front of me, even to the side. I WAS SURROUNDED AND DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!
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I just watched this and I literally cried. My dad walked by my bedroom door while this was happening and looked at me all weird XD
2 years agoReply
there's no translation, I couldn't understand anything 馃槸
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