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For a player expected to go #1 in the 2013 draft being picked sixth and then traded to the Sixers was a tumultuous entrance for Noel into the NBA. Noel played in just 24 games in college before tearing his ACL and never scored more than 20 points in the NCAA. And his slight frame has many questioning if he can compete with the size and strength of centers in the NBA. Noel is the epitome of raw, having as much potential to bust as he does to be a steal for the Sixers. So where do you stand? Is Noel a bust or steal?
@JohnLee if the Sixers could get Wiggins that would put them in an awesome position. Agree with you about his offensive game. What type of player do you think they will develop him after?
As for Noel... I feel like he will be a defensive specialist. He doesn't seem to have the offensive game of Anthony Davis. So he is probably an Anthony Davis 0.5. I think it definitely helped him that he dropped in the draft. Now expectations won't be nearly as high.
Not sure about Noels but I think the Sixers made the right decision to trade Holiday. You can't be successful being a middle of the road team in the NBA. The Sixers recognized that and decided to blow it all up. I think the trade is going to be defined by how good whoever they select with the Pelicans pick next year turns out to be. They are probably tanking this year and if as a result they are able to get Wiggins, then that trade is a home run for the Sixers.